This Is The Best Basic Sock Pattern for Beginners

In 2003 I taught myself to knit socks using a pattern I found online. When people ask me how to start knitting socks I still send them to the same pattern. It may be as amazing as the pattern that after 14 years the webpage is still available!

What makes this a good starter pattern? First, they are made on size 4 Needles which are better than trying to juggle twenty tiny size 1 Needles in your first attempt. Bigger needles mean you’re also working with bigger yarn. I think this may Be only worsted weight sock pattern I’ve seen.

A benefit of worsted weight is that you can try out this pattern with perhaps scrap yarn you already have.

But don’t scrimp. Use a nice superwash, soft wool because you’re going to like wearing these on a cold day and you won’t want them shrink into oblivion if they accidentally get into the washer.

The beauty is that it’s a real sock pattern— you’ll learn how to turn a heel. You’ll learn the structure of a sock and can move on to more challenging patterns.


Easy Lace Pullover Noro Magazine

I’ve made this sweater 3 times. The first time it was all out of an all wool, hand-wash only, tweed. Needless to say it went into the washer and dryer and was about the right size for a Cabbage Patch Kid. One of my kids snapped up the second one so finally, I have a new sweater for myself!

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