About Miss Ewe

Hello, Welcome to the Miss Ewe web site!

Miss Ewe is a pseudonym and also the name of my illustration studio located in Connecticut. My ID isn’t very well hidden so don’t put on airs thinking you’re a great detective if you uncover I’m Vanessa Wood (Oops!). Once I get out my sketch pad there’s no telling what subject will come to life!

I tackle the subjects that I live: kids, pets, dogs, CrossFit, food, dogs, cars, and did I mention I like to draw dogs?

You’ll see there’s some attitude in my drawings. Sometimes it’s playful. Sometimes it’s slightly adultish humor. Sometimes it’s things adults do that kids see and will understand because just like we’re watching them, they’re watching us.

There are some very cool projects underway in the Miss Ewe studio so I hope you’ll follow the blog or follow Miss Ewe on social media.  I’ll be sharing pieces of the creation process and I move along.