“Dogs Don’t Drive!” In the 90’s

I was working as an auto claims manager and had heard every absurd accident story on the planet. Who the heck takes off pantyhose while driving? — I should have written down her name and address to document just WHO does! The whacky driving stories started to play out in doodles of dogs doing similar but perhaps a bit sillier and outrageous acts of driving antics. I spent the last 6 months of my corporate career planning and cultivating my book, “Dogs Don’t Drive!” (Vanessa Wood © 1999).

I had a dummy board book that I shared with a couple of publishing editors and writer friends. Other projects came up and “Dogs Don’t Drive!” went into my personal slush pile (Why does slush pile sound so bleak, but a slushy would be a great treat?). When I came across the board book earlier this year I realized that there were some new hurdles and driving foibles that needed to be in the book, after all hasn’t there been a technology boom in our cars?

So it begins…